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Avg Number of Luminaires Per Site
Avg Wattage of Installed Luminaires
Avg Cost per EM Test / Visit
Avg Energy Cost per KwH
Percentage saving from Controls
Total Saving from EM Self Test (Per Year)
Total Saving from Energy Reduction due to Controls (Per Year)
Total Saving (Per Year)
Percentage saving from Controls
Total Cost for Materials
Payback (Years)
Total Saving Over 10 Years Inc Initial Cost
Carbon Saving Per Year (tCO2e)
No.Trees Required to Offset tCO2e Otherwise

You could save a potential £20,781,600 per year.

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*These figures are based on estimated cost savings, each building is different. However, all figures are based on real life savings across a range of different sites and can offer a good estimation of how much your business could save by implementing some or all of the elements of our system. If you would like us to send you the PDF, please fill in the form and we will send a PDF version for your records.

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